1. natalie and whitney, pointing at each other

  3. NYC being beautiful. 

    "It’s So Hard" - Big Pun, 2000

  4. samkind:

    here is a pic of shaq holding bill gates

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  5. flack and hathaway, perfect song, the end.

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  6. black history month

  8. frantzfandom:

    iconic as fuck

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  10. some thursday art + accompanying words

  11. bernardin:

    There is nothing about this picture, of FUCKING PRINCE on New Girl, that doesn’t make me smile.


    First Look: Prince on ‘New Girl’ | Twitter / MaggieFurlong


  12. supermodi:

    aw man


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  14. interweber:

    i made my ideal Coachella line up.

  15. desusexmachina:

    January 08, 2014 at 04:07PM